What Really Occurred after Kaduna Train Accident in Kawo

What Really Occurred after Kaduna Train Accident in Kawo

What Really Occurred after Kaduna Train Accident in Kawo

A passenger train conveying civilians and soldiers who were travelling from Kano to Lagos state was said to have clashed with a trailer at a railway crossing point in Kaduna State.

It was also said that the train cut the trailer in two different parts, and the good thing was that no casualty was recorded.

Mr Francis Udoma, who is the Kaduna state FRSC sector Commander, made it known that the accident happened when the driver controlling the trailer insisted on crossing the rail line even when the train was blaring its horn.

He further stated that the accident that happened in Kawo, caused a serious heavy traffic jam which was noticed for over six hours straight.

Motorists who were heading from Kano and other northern states, alongside those coming all the way from the southern and the eastern parts of the country were all stranded at the railway crossing, Udoma stated.

“When we received the call about what had happened, we sent out some of our men, who quickly arrived to take control of the situation.

“We were there until 9 a.m. before we were able to open the road for motorists to find their way through.”

Putting the blame on the trailer driver for the avoidable incident, he said: “It could be that the driver had problem hearing, because trains normally will blare their horns, but this driver, even with the horn decided to cross”.



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