Updated,Group Opposes Adoption of Indirect Primaried By Kaduna Apc .


The Stakeholders/ Aspirant’s Forum in Kaduna , has strongly kicked against the adoption of indirect primaries by the APC in the state .

In a strongly worded statement read out to journalists this evening  , the Spokesperson of the group Sir Jallal Fallal accused Governor Nasiru El Rufai of being behind the adoption  indirect primaries by the party .

The Spokesperson also accused the Governor of saturating the party with cooks ,cleaners and cronies as prelude to rigging should there be indirect primaries in the state .

Mr.Jallal went further to say that the reasons given by the APC in the state for adoption of indirect primaries do not hold waters .

He averred that if APC Kaduna Chapter is citing  insecurity as one of the reasons for indirect primaries , the APC National should have adopted indirect primaries in view of the security Nationwide but rather the national body choose direct primaries .

Speaking in the same vein , Architect Shamsudeen  Shehu Giwa who is also an aspirant for Kaduna Senatorial District ,accused Governor of El Rufai stifling dissents in the party while imposing his cronies .

Alhaji Hassan Samdi, an aspirant for House Of Representative Kaduna also says he is opposed to indirect primaries .


Text Of Press Conference


September 7th, 2018
Distinguished members of the press,
On behalf of the APC Kaduna State Stakeholders and Aspirants Forum I come before you
today to reiterate our collective decision in favour of the adoption of Direct Primaries as the
most ideal mode of nominating the 2019 general elections candidates of our great Party in
Kaduna State.
We adopted this position after a very carcful analysis of the dire geopolitical situation of
Kaduna State in particular and that of Nigeria in general. The role of the APC as the ruling
party is, to say the least. very crucial in moving forward the political-economy of our great
country. We hold the view that the APC as a governing party must walk the talk. Our party
the APC came to power on the mantra of lighting corruption and the enthronement of the
ideals of participatory democracy. This process in itself begins with recruiting for elections
the most capable, popular and trusted candidates through processes that are credible and
widely accepted by members of the party.
We object to Indirect Primaries precisely because, relying as it does on the delegate system, it
is by its very nature prone to the manipulative influence of the few and, what is worse, the
corruptive practice of vote buying. It is an open secret that the APC in Kaduna State has been
under the total control of the Governor and his anointed godsons and daughters.
The bulk of the members of the party including critical stakeholders who have given their all
to enthrone APC in Kaduna State have been marginalized and excluded from the mainstream
of the affairs of the party. Perccived enemies of the Governor are hounded and persecuted to
no end. Jobs are lost, homes and businesses are demolished with careless abandon and
extreme premeditated malice.

the icing
The recent ward, local government and state congresses could rightly be said to be
on the cake. Officials of the party were single handedly picked by the Governor and his aides
. This is the backdrop against which the mass exodus from the
Areas of
to run the affairs of the party
party by its members has been taking place in the entire 23 Local Government
Kaduna State.
As we speak, the outcome of the so called congresses is still being contested
in the courts of the land. Given these deep rifts in the party, our Forum fails to see
how Indirect Primaries can produce candidates with mass based support.
If the APC is to retain Kaduna State, it must throw up for clection of strong candidates for her
Gubernatorial and Legislative clections, candidates who can take on and win against the
possibly strong candidates of the other parties. With Indirect Primaries however, this critical
issue is unlikely to be the principal concern of delegates. With consciences bought
highest bidders, and their loyalties to the Governor and his cronies, the delegates would rather
be head bent on endorsing only money bags and the anointed candidates of the Governor.
Already our incorruptible President, Muhammadu Buhari, and the national leadership of the
party have, in their wisdom, committed to Dircct Primarics. We urge the Kaduna State
Governor and the party in the state to be on the same page with them, to have the moral
courage not only to do what is right but by taking the path of honor, and shunning such
corruptive tendencies of Indirect Primaries in our body polity, but cqually important to have
the audacity to test their popularity through Direct Primaries. Popular candidates need not fear
direct engagements with party members and’or the gencral electorates.
Distinguished members of the press, this is our position and, as you are very much aware. we
have also communicated same to the national leadership of our great party.
by the
I thank you all
ir Jalal Falal
Gubernatorial Candidate
APC Kadunna State

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