The Tragedy of the PDP in Kaduna State in the 2019 General Elections: A Postmortem

The Tragedy of the PDP in Kaduna State in the 2019 General Elections: A Postmortem
The Tragedy of the PDP in Kaduna State in the 2019 General Elections: A Postmortem
Let us start this piece by acknowledging the importance and essence of a postmortem exercise after every outing particularly if such is a political contest.
The crux of the matter in this post is the disastrous outing of the PDP in Kaduna State right from the Local Government Council polls, through to the Presidential/National Assembly to the Governorship and State Assembly polls.
It is worthy of note that in spite of the 16 years during which the PDP held power, not much was done to instil discipline and internal democracy, 2 vices which conflated to abort the bogus claim that the PDP was to be in power for 60 years.
Many well meaning stakeholders in the PDP foresaw this danger and therefore raised their voices demanding for internal reforms within the party  but the hawks deeply entrenched within the PDP stridently fought them off calling them all sorts of demeaning names.
The stage was thus set for the emergence of the All Progressives Congress which succeeded in pulling away some of the dissatisfied members in the PDP. This was prelude to the routing of the PDP in the 2015  general elections, since then, the PDP has been licking its wounds.
One would have expected that after such a disastrous outing, the leadership of the PDP will quickly undertake a postmortem at the highest level to get to knowing the reasons for such s poor showing that is assuming that they did not already knew.
What quickly followed was internal squabbles with regard to who was the party leader.
This dragged on to the Supreme Court which finally decided in Sen Ahmed Makarfi’s favout.
Even at that, it was no longer at ease in the PDP. Sen Ahmed Makarfi used his powers as Caretaker Chairman of the PDP while it lasted to install his political stooges into the State Exco of the party in Kaduna State.
Put mildly, he has gone on to apply a stranglehold on the way business is done in the Kaduna State Chapter of the PDP.
Even as Caretaker Committee Chair of the party, the former senator had lost his political base to the APC.
But for Southern Kaduna that has held on to the PDP as if it is a religion Sen Makarfi had been drained of any influence politically in Kaduna State.
During the PDP troubled years out of power, only a handful of wealthy members financially kept it alive and it is doubtful if Ahmed Makarfi is one of those yet he expected to reap where he dif not sow
The former Caretaker Committee Chairman had to hand over the party or what was left of it to the present leadership at the national level.
Occupying his dream thereafter was to take a shot at the Presidency.
He quickly joined in the race for the PDP ticket at the Port Harcourt Convention but was very thoroughly humiliated coming a distant seventh.
He had hoped and expected that after having treacherously subverted the will of the people of Kaduna State by manipulating how the delegates from Southern Kaduna were to vote during the governorship primaries succeeded in throwing up someone who for all intents and purposes was not prepared for the arduous task of leading the charge against the dictatorship of Malam Nasiru El Rufai.
He had to work real hard to achieve this feat since as mentioned earlier the entire Exco of the PDP in the State were at best puppet and him, the puppeteer.
In so doing he practically undermined the entire effort at overthrowing the El Rufai dictatorship.
Ahmed Makarfi ought to have known that his sweetheart for the ticket to contest the governorship of Kaduna State lacked the capacity as well as decency of character to stand a chance.
The entire saga can be likened  to people seeing very clearly before their eyes LIGHT and DARKNESS and they not only went for the darkness but they embraced it and made it their mistress for the night of 30 November 2018.
Sen Makarfi may not have tested what the majority of our people have gone through under the dictatorship so it could not have mattered so long as he achieved his very selfish ambition of scuttling the ambition of his political rival in Suleiman Hunkuyi from becoming governor.
Whatever personal differences may existed between the 2 Senators from the same Zone 1, my thinking is that the wider interest of the traumatized and humiliated people of Kaduna should have been most paramount.
I know for sure that the candidate who eventually took the ticket and eventually contested ought to have known that even if he won the dictatorship would almost certainly have gone to court to contest his eligibility to have contested in the first place given his record of service under the government of the State previously.
Given these allegations most people began by on think that the expired Senator was working not in the interest of the PDP but that of the rival APC That candidate did not need anyone to go into his record of service in  Kaduna State to exhume the evidence.
He should not have considered only his narrow self interest but that of the entire people of the State, but he did not.
The former Senator found it very convenient to arm twist the Southern Kaduna delegates during the primaries because he put all of them where they were so it was pay back time for the boss.
He could not have contemplated any such adventure in either Zones 1 or 2 as all of his political relevance has been eroded or faded into insignificance.
The people of Southern Kaduna have nobody to blame for the state of affairs politically in our State but themselves because we let us be used by someone for his own political fulfilment.
Had the delegates from Southern Kaduna not voted in the manner they were manipulated to, we would not be sulking today.
The dictatorship of Mal Nasiru El Rufai was too over joyed with the emergence of the ticket holder from the PDP because their workload was reduced.
They had all the evidences to produce before the tribunal to have a possible PDP victory upturned. Had they met the formidable Suleiman Hunkuyi, the outcome would have been different.
In Southern Kaduna itself politically, there are so many very cheap individuals masquerading as political elders or stakeholders who are always too ready to sale away the people if only to line their bottomless pockets  with the betrayal  money.
They are always quick to explain this treachery and perfidy away as playing politics but as it has always been, their condition materially never changes.
There is yet another class of politicians who are only good in playing local politics and imposing unpopular candidates on the people during elections.
If the whole of Kaduna belongs to all of us, I cannot understand why these so-called big boys would rather prefer to squeeze themselves into an already crammed up  political space with all the attendant attrition. Just in case they do not know, there is more than enough political space in the Central Zone.
If these have what it takes, they should come out from hiding and join their peers either at the State or Federal levels.
Finally, for those who misled our people into bringing unpopular candidates, who stood no chance of winning in an election, ‘
Your political days are numbered ‘.

I Am Madami Sarkinnoma Joshua

Chikun Local Government

Kaduna State, Nigeria
The Tragedy of the PDP in Kaduna State in the 2019 General Elections: A Postmortem


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