The Policies of Buhari Encourages Corruption – LADOJA

The Policies of Buhari Encourages Corruption

The Policies of Buhari Encourages Corruption – LADOJA.

The Ex Governor of Oyo State, Rashidi Ladoja, disagrees with the “Change begins with me” campaign which was created by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He stated that the President and all those who were appointed under him must first follow the slogan before all Nigerians will do same.

An instance was made by Ladoja where he said that civil servants and farmers do not need any change as they all earn their living diligently and honestly through hard work.

While he was speaking to newsmen at his Bodija residence, just after the Eid prayers at the mosque in the University of Ibadan, says he wondered how corruption can be fought when civil servants are been owed six months salary.

He stated: “It is different, take a good look at what the Emir of Kano Stated, Sanusi himself doesn’t agree with the sincerity of the supposed anti-corruption crusade.

“In as much as there are roadblocks, there’ll be more cases of corruption. Liberalization is much more better.

“Today, you don’t need to bribe anyone before yu can acquire a GSM, If it was the time of NITEL, you’ll be asked to bring a ladder and you’ll have to bribe them before any service can be rendered to you.
“There are claims that there is no corruption, and still yet some persons still purchase dollar at N197 and those persons who wants to engage in businesses can go and buy for as high as N400. With cases like this, do we still expect the economy to improve?

“All of these things really doesn’t make any sense at all. who does the President really want to satisfy. That is called subsidy, if you have done it for the Muslims then you’ll have to do it for the Christians also, he stated.


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