Students Gives El Rufai Deadline To Pay Scholarship Backlogs

218’t be deceived – Kaduna APC Women Leader warns El-Rufai

The National Association of Kaduna State Students in higher  institutions have given Governor 21 days deadline to all backlogs of scholarships owed them by the state government or risk their wrath .

The students were aggrieved that Governor Nasiru El Rufai has not approved the release of funds to be disbursed to them for three  academic  sessions . Hence their threats to take actions if the Governor do not respond to their ultimatum.

At a press conference  at the NUJ hall today , National Secretary General of the association Comrade Jeremiah Gwaza said that the association is giving Governor El Rufai till November 2nd to make the students are paid or they will shutdown the three arm zones .

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Good Afternoon Gentlemen of the press, Great Nigerian Students as well as the
good people of Kaduna state, today we are gathered here as a united force to
address an issue that has long affected the welfare as well as the wellbeing of
Kaduna State indigenous students schooling round the nation.
We must understand that Scholarship has played a salient role in making this
country, has it has impacted meaningfully to its development from colonial era till
date, as a matter of fact it help in giving birth to most of our Nationalist who fought
for the independence of this great Nation and that we strongly hold at heart. It’s
no longer a news that we all know Scholarship was a major concern to our founding
fathers prior to independence and even after, as they insisted strongly on it, in fact
we still hear old folks speak of how wonderful it was for them those days, it was
this same scholarship our Governor enjoyed in the 70s as well, its not in any human
to deny fellow humans whatever privilege one enjoys such as scholarship. I read in
one of the Governor’s write ups where he talks about those who went abroad were
actually those who couldn’t get space here in the country, it is in the of this
statement that must times it gives me a chew why he pays more attention to
Foreign Scholarships to the extent that he ignores the local one which he was in
that same category during his own time? Again I ask, why?
Today it is with a heavy heart we express our disappointment with the government
of Mall. Nasir El’Rufai to the general public over his neglect of tertiary students of
this greatstate in his acclaimed Educational reforms. This was the leadership we all
had very high expectations for as students in the aspect of scholarship but to our
disappointment, since the inception of his administration every appropriation bill
had an allocation for scholarship but no payment was ever recorded made to local
students which has led to the lugubrious hardship amongst our students especially
Orphans, those from less privilege homes, those whose parents were retrench from
the state civil service by his administration, those whose parents are retirees and
the list goes on.
The Government of Mall. Nasir El’Rufai introduced a new scholarship towards the
ending of 2017 which was categorized into Merit(For Those with 3.5 upward), Need
Base (For Those with 3.49 down ward), also for Sport Category and Special for
people with Disability, these set scheme was given a good media projection which
must of most of us and every other believer of the Governor clap our hands not knowing it was all in vain, students were given a link to follow and register within
less than 15 days not long after this announcement, we were able to get students
to do so and they (Students) all traveled from all over the country as instructed
down to their local governments areas for Screenings, and for some to the
Scholarship board itself, risking their lives, forfeiting academics and spending their
little pocket moneys as a result of the palatability of the prospective scholarship
soon hitting their Bank accounts, as I read this some of them are graduates because
they never saw the money for some of us we knew the whole scholarship thing was
just a Propaganda.
It was not Long in Zaria during an event organized by one of Zaria’s student
association we were again confronted with another hit by the Governor when he
say the state government are working together with Commercial banks to give
Kaduna state Students Scholarships in form of loans as it is been done in some
developed countries, that was when we knew we are not in any way close to the
middle of the tunnel, I personally find it hard to place why a Government that
comes to the media to Boast of generating so much revenue for the state yet can’t
pay students scholarships, truly speaking it’s not really a funny experience for
those of us following the trend of events in the state
It has been three(3) Academic Sessions now without a penny from the state
government to help Kaduna State Students augment for the high cost of living in
most school environment around the country which has brought about a perilous
experience to a lot of student, as a result of this ordeal over 73,632 students are
subjected to various forms of hardship and challenges ranging from Tuition Fees
which has led to deferment of sessions, Semester and in some cases even
withdrawal, also House Rents which has led students to stay more than 5 in a room,
and some sent packing, it must be noted this two above mention issues has really
brought concern especially in the aspect of ladies taken advantage of either
strangers or the opposite sex just for the sake of meeting ends which is not a good
record for this administration. Also the cost of printing assignments has left some
students with carry overs as some could not even borrow to do those course works
as they were not even sure of the next meal. Now a new session is already here and
some state institution have given a short time for registration the question is what
will be the fate of Kaduna state students this registration season again?
It must be understood that Kaduna State students are studying under intense
frustration which is leading to immense depression, thereby hampering on
Academic performance amongststudents which has been on the decline within this
almost 4years of this administration.
Lastly it is with great displeasure we bring to the notice of the General Public the
sudden disappearance of Visiting Lecturers in state own institutions which has now
complicated things as we see shortage of man power in Institutions around the
state, which is greatly affecting most of us students schooling in those institutions,
for God sakes this is the center of learning! It is so pathetic, we are tired of this
agonizing situations and we cannot take it anymore!
NAKASS has exhausted every means possible to dialogue with every relevant
agency over this set issue for years now but to no avail as they keep giving stories
every time an approach is made to resolve the set matter.
Our Demands!
1. We demand for the immediate reversal of the new scholarship scheme
as it all but a bunch of cake in the middle of nowhere in other words
very unrealistic.
2. For not paying the student scholarship as reflected in the state
appropriation bill for 3 years, we want to believe you have intensions
to which is why We demand for the payment in arrears of our old
Scholarship Bursaries for those three Sessions.
3. We also demand the refund of 500 Naira paid to the scholarship Board
by almost 50,000 students to purchase scholarship forms which was
never granted, payment should be made to their personal accounts as
we all know some of them have graduated and others even are no
In the light of the above we are giving the state government an ultimatum of 21days
(which ends on Thursday 1
st November. 2018) to meet our demands as failure to do so, we shall, without compromise shutdown the 3zonesin the state ubiquitously
until our needs are met, this is not a promise, it is our decision.
We call on all sister unions to join in solidarity as this matter affect everyone
whether directly or indirectly.
Great Kaduna State Students the count starts Now! Stand By
Thank You Gentlemen of the Press and also the Great Nigerian Students of Kaduna
state here present, I’m still my humble self.
Comr. J.T. Gwaza
Secretary General NAKASS




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