SHOCKING: Buckets of Bullets Discovered, Buried Underground in Anambra

Bullets-burried-in-Agulu - Anambra State

SHOCKING: Buckets of Bullets Discovered, Buried Underground in Anambra

Shockingly, lots of hidden bullets have been dug out from the ground in Agulu, Anaocha LGA of Anambra State, the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

The bullets were found while a building foundation project belonging to a community member was being dug.

Mr Sam Okaula, who is the Anambra state commissioner of police, made it known that so many buckets of bullets were hidden under the ground and that there are so many more that haven’t been dug out yet.


Mr Mr Sam Okaula, stated to reporters that investigation has begun so to know the persons behind the burying of the arms and why it was buried.

After the discovery had been made, tension was noticed in Agulu community, with all villages being worried of their safety.

At the place where the discovery was made, while the bullets were been moved, the commissioner of police of the state stated that investigation will be commenced to know when the bullets were actually acquired and who acquired them, as well as who buried them.

Mr Sam Okaula, told resident of the community to help in providing relevant information that will help in the investigation processes, while giving assurances that the police is committed in fighting criminality.

He further stated that high tech surveillance would be made available in the area so as to make sure that the police gets to the origin of the matter.

On the other hand, the members of the community have stated that they don’t know who is responsible for purchasing and burying the bullets.


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