Over 200 Senior officers promoted by the Nigerian Army

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Over 200 Senior officers promoted by the Nigerian Army

On Monday, the Council of the Army gave approval for the promotion of over 200 senior officers to the next ranks.

A statement was issued by by the army spokesman, Sani Usman on Tuesday of those that were promoted, which shows that a total of 29 brigadier-generals were promoted to major-generals and also 95 colonels to brigadier-generals.

Others are a total of 106 lieutenant colonels to colonels and one major to lieutenant colonel.

Some of those that were promoted to Major-General are T.O.B. Ademola, Director Coordination at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, O.N. Ugo, A.O. Uthman and Nigeria Defence Attaché to China, K.O. Ogundele.

The others are M. Bashir, M.M. Mshelial, U.S. Mohammed, I.O. Ehiorobo, C.G. Musa, C.O. Ofoche, D.H. Alli-Keffi, A. Kigbu, Y.I. Shalangwa, Director Army Legal Service and S.Z. Kazaure, Director- General National Youth Service Corps, among others.

Those promoted to Brigadier-Generals include A.A. Ayanuga, S.C. Ogbuanya, F.O. Ilodibia, E.F. Oyinlola, S.O. Oloyede, S. Kawugana, F.G. Dimlong, O.K. Falade, I.Z. Ohiaka and C.S. Okafor.

Also promoted to Brigadier-General are A. Yellow-Duke, M.A. Etsu-Ndagi, A.M. Alechenu, Y. Yahaya, I.G. Lassa, P.A.O. Okoye, A.O. Oyelade and M.LD. Saraso.

The rest are V.E. Emah, R.I. Odi, W.D. Nasiru, L.A. Jimoh, A.P. Ahmadu, Q.A. Ahmed and J.S. Sura.

In the list of those elevated to Colonel are CA Magaji, A.A. Bello, C.E. Ugworji, C.Y. Ufurumazi, K. Imam, C.E. Aniorha, M.C. Akin-Ojo, K.O. Kalu, A.Y. Emakoma and M.A. Dogo.

Others are M.G. Udotong, B.A. Adeshina, I. Sadiq, N.C. Achikasim, B.I. George, Y.D. Ishaku, E.A. Otseh and S.B. Salisu.

Mr Usman made it known that only Major U.A. Musa was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

He stated that the promotion was to strengthen those involved towards the discharge of their tasks and responsibilities.



Over 200 Senior officers promoted by the Nigerian Army

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