Nasir El-Rufai WASN’T involved in a ‘Ghastly Accident’

Nasir El-Rufai wasn't involved in a 'Ghastly Accident'

Nasir El-Rufai wasn’t involved in a ‘Ghastly Accident’

The executive governor of Kaduna State and also governor elect, Nasir El-Rufai, has not been involved in any “ghastly accident” as being claimed lately on social media.

There has been several rumors that the governor is involved in an accident which was widely spread on Thursday after a twiter user posted: “Elrufai in a ghastly accident, his driver said to have died on the spot. No one knows the condition of the Kaduna Governor. Please pray for him no matter the differences we have politically.”

A source in the Kaduna State Government House stated that it is not true, he had seen the Governor today.

The governor himself is expected to address the rumor to the general public anytime soon.



Nasir El-Rufai wasn’t involved in a ‘Ghastly Accident’



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