Minimum Wage: Kaduna civil servants scared of inflation

Minimum Wage: Kaduna civil servants scared of inflation

Minimum Wage: Kaduna civil servants scared of inflation

In Kaduna State, some civil servants have praised the senate’s approval of N30,000 minimum wage for workers in the country, but warned against increasing the price of goods and services due to the salary increase.

Many workers in Kaduna were very happy due to the new approval and were hoping that the increase would improve their living conditions.

A civil servant in Kaduna named Mr. Abdullahi Muhammad, working with the with Kaduna State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology stated that the increase is a good development and advised workers to be more diligent and committed to their duties.

Another civil servant who gave his name as Farouk Sani, who works with the state Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, expressed joy for the approval, saying it was a great development for workers.

Mr. Sani was still doubtful over the readiness and willingness of both states and local councils to implement it, and whether the salary increase would not lead to inflation.

“This really a welcome development, but how are we sure that it won’t lead to inflation in time to come? If inflation eventually occurs, then the increase will be useless.

On the other hand, Yusha’u Abdullahi, who works with the state Ministry of Finance, urged the government to seek way to fund the increase and keep inflation down, “otherwise the increase will be very useless.”

A staff of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mrs Patricia Sambo, made it known that the new minimum wage would help stregthen the nation’s economy.

She further stated that the latest development would help to boost the production of goods and services, also help increase the rate of employment opportunities for the teeming youths in the state.

A teacher in private school named Musa Dona, wasn’t happy about the development because he feels the increase may not be of any benefit to him.

“The state governors should try to implement it as soon as possible and businessmen should not increase the prices of commodities, if this is achieved, certainly the government would be praised for a job well done.”



Minimum Wage: Kaduna civil servants scared of inflation



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