Militants & Sea Pirates Kills Three Soldiers in a Crossfire


Militants & Sea Pirates Kills Three Soldiers in a Crossfire

The troops that were sent to protect the oil facilities in the Niger Delta made a confirmation on Tuesday that a total of three soldiers were murdered in a gun battle with militants and pirates.

Isa Ado, who is a colonel and spokesman of the force, with the code-name, “Operation Pulo Shield’, made it known to our source in a telephone conversation and interview that the incident took place on Monday Night.

Isa Ado stated that the military patrol team was ambushed by a combined group of sea pirates, and the troops fought bravely during the attack.

“The group launched a fierce attack at our location and three of our soldiers. The three soldiers who had bullet wounds died while they been rushed to the hospital.

We can not say how many militants were wounded and killed but we are very sure that there were lots of casualties.

The spirits of the soldiers are still very high, and the bravery of the soldiers who are dead will never be in vain. We shall continue to do our best to protect the Niger Delta Region.


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