POLO: Nigeria Should Start Breeding Horses – Hon. Wadada



POLO: Nigeria Should Start Breeding Horses – Hon. Wadada

Kaduna Polo Club is the foremost Polo club in Nigeria and hosts a number of Polo tournaments throughout the year. A one- time honorable member House of Representative Nasarawa state, Hon. Wadada is a famous polo player.
Fielding questions from journalists at the on-going Kaduna Polo Club 100years Celebration, he opens up on the game of Polo and the issue of horse breeding.
This is an outing worthy of celebration because it is not just easy for any endeavor that is started anywhere to mark one hundred years.
l am grateful to God to be part of this history. Kaduna polo club did not start with me and is not gonna end with me but the history of Kaduna polo club from today cannot be written without my name being mentioned.
But Honorable sir, as people grow older, the stamina drops but from what we have seen today, what would say is the secret?
It is God’s gift. That is my blessing from God. And of course, courtesy of my genes. For you to be on a horse and on the field playing Georgian and being watched by this kind of mammoth crowd; It is really wonderful.
How do you hope to handle the next match?
It’s going to be challenging as well as entertaining and it will end the way It’s gonna end. You either win or lose. I am a politician. I don’t believe in loosing. You lose only when you are not able to get to your destination and you part ways with people.
But if you get to your destination or you don’t get to your destination, if you remain with the people, you are not a looser. It would not be anything spectacular or strange if ‘Rubicon’ beats ‘Imani’ and neither would it also be anything spectacular or strange if ‘Imani’ beats ‘Rubicon’. It has happened before so, let’s all be ready once again to watch another entertaining polo game.
The issue of horses has been a problem over the years. What are we doing in terms of domestication?
It is really unfortunate that in Nigeria, we are still not breeding ponies for us to be able to have the needed or required number of horses that are home bred.
We need to really embark on breeding because the game of polo is virtually 80-90% around and about horses. And if we have to be struggling or waiting for 2, 3 or 4 months in some cases; Sometimes, we even wait for half a year before we are able to get horses into Nigeria. That would not help us to the level we need for polo to be developed as it should be in Nigeria.
Polo today in Nigeria should have gone beyond the level it is. If Kaduna polo club today is celebrating one hundred years of existence then polo should have gone beyond the level it is but one of the challenges is that we still do not breed ponies.
So, it is a challenge to all of us. Not only polo players. No profession stops one from breeding horses. One can breed horses and sell to polo players.



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