KADUNA: NEMA Visits Kwoi Communities to Check Damages Caused by Tremor


KADUNA: NEMA Visits Kwoi Communities to Check Damages Caused by Tremor.

Mr Musa Illalah, who is the Zonal coordinator in charge of North West zone of NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency), paid a visit to the communities in Kwoi due to fears to make an asses of the damage level which was caused by the earth tremor.

While speaking to newsmen after visiting the communities that were affected, he advised them to remain calm, stating that there are serious measure being taken by the Federal Government to provide assistance to the houses affected.

“We have seen all the houses that were affected due to the incident; and we are currently waiting for the geologists to make us understand the cause of the problem and what the next plan of action will be for those living in the communities,” Illalah said.

He further said that NEMA as an agency is fully responsible for the management of disaster and emergencies, saying that “We will do all our best, we will return back and put together our report and send it across to our principal at Abuja.

“We are all aware that this rock is the cause of the problem but the geological services will be able to identify the cause of the tremor.”

On the other hand, some people living in the communities made it clear that they cannot stay any longer not knowing what might come up next.

In their own part, Mr Orobasala Ojo, who is the  Assistant director of the Nigeria geological Science, Abuja, stated that, “We have done our assessments but we will have to go back and do some important test before the final report will be made.”



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