Kaduna Ministry moves to eradicate gender based violence

Kaduna Ministry moves to eradicate gender based violence

Kaduna Ministry moves to eradicate gender based violence

A meeting by the Kaduna State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development was convened with the various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the state so as to come up with ideas targeted at putting a stop to gender-based violence.

While speaking at a meeting held in Kaduna, Umma K. Ahmed, the Permanent Secretary in the ministry, stated that the gender-based violence is an issue that has been tormenting the society which the ministry is mandated to address.

She made it known the ministry has agreed to work hand in hand with CSOs because it cannot do it alone and called on other stakeholders to assist in addressing this menace.

“CSOs find their way into various villages and other remote areas, they identify cases of gender-based violence in the society and report such cases to the ministries, the security agencies, the law enforcement agencies, NGOs and other religious organisations, which the main reason why we want to work with them in order to address these issues.’’

She also stated that the ministry has succeeded in bringing CSOs as well as other security agencies closer together so as to bridge the communication gap which is encountered when a case arises.

She further assured that the ministry will not relent in its efforts of continuous sensitisation of community members on the important need to voice out against gender-based violence.

“People should also be aware that there are sexual referral centers, they can access such referral centers are totally free.”

She made a call on all mothers to keep a close watch on their children most especially the girls.

“Keep a close watch on where ever she goes, draw her close and educate her on what she should know about the womanhood, ay opposite sex that would call her to a hidden place, she should be aware that it is a negative move or motive.

She also calls for sex education in both western and Arabic schools.”

We do try our best not to shy away from sex education, open up to our girls the good and the bad.

She further called on religious leaders to include sex education in their sermons.

Kaduna Ministry moves to eradicate gender based violence



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