KADUNA: Kajuru killings and perceived conspiracies – Rights Group

KADUNA: Kajuru killings and perceived conspiracies - Rights Group

KADUNA: Kajuru killings and perceived conspiracies – Rights Group

El-rufai’s 66 Myth

The Network for the Rights of Indigenous and Marginalized People (NRIMP) is shocked at the kind of revelations from the failed attempts to deploy a preconceived plan to isolate Kaduna State from the general election.

Curiously, the Nasir el-Rufai led Kaduna state Government made the sudden announcement that 66 Fulanis were killed in Kajuru local government area on the eve of the postponed election. The governor, alongside the Kajuru Local government Chairman and the Divisional Police Officer deliberately concealed this information of  killings that took place between Sunday, 10th February, to Tuesday 12th February 2019 in uguwan Barde Kufana District of Kajuru.

Reliable sources revealed that 11 people where killed in a mad macabre that has also left many displaced. No visitation was made by the Local Council under the leadership of Mr. Cafra Caino the ‘Executive’ Chairman who was the only frontline political executive  in the local government area who refused to act before, during and after the incident.

The governor, following widespread outcry of the people over his over-ambition and misguided utterances organized a tour where guides were showing the media a place with burnt houses and slain animals and such other gory sites. Despite  the paraphernalia surrounding the governor’s dramatic entry into Kajuru revealed nothing about the 66 bodies he claimed. Instead, community leaders, including those who wrote to authorities,  reports about happenings have been invited and detained  by the police at the State Command Headquarters. Thus the strong school against Governor el-Rufai’s high-handedness over the very people that gave him the mandate.

Please look into the press release of the Adara Development Association, issued on February 17, 2019 and signed by the National Assistant Secretary Barrister Luke Godwin Waziri. According to the statement:”The district head of Kufana wrote an official report to the police about the incident. The member representing Kajuru in the Kaduna State House of Assembly also informed the government about the incident. Even the chairman of the Local government, Cafra Caino was also aware of the incident.  But to our greatest surprise, the chairman did not take steps to set the records straight when lies were being spread against the people he leads.”l

Cafra Caino has a functional Facebook account where he never ceases to communicate activities. He failed to alert the communities, security agencies of happenings around his area and has no record of visit to the sites until the Governor came on the state sponsored visit. Despite being played down, this deliberate silence from the Chairman is a part of the strategic game plan to scuttle the elections in Kaduna state for obvious reasons. Already all dissenting voices in the affected communities of Kajuru, have been fingered for arrest and the world now knows that lives have been lost and are still being lost under the whims and caprices of this desperate political dictator. He has already pointed out the people to be arrested or gagged,but this is Kaduna where bad leadership and maladministration are easily rejected.

Furthermore and unfortunately enough, there are no health facilities in Kajuru to cater for the victims of the incident.These citizens were conveyed to private health facilities over 25 kilometers away at Kaduna’s metropolis. Those who didn’t stand a chance for the severity of their wounds may have died with the ones burried.

At the centre of all these are the outright denial of reprisals by the community and the accusations of same by the Governor. el-Rufai who  stops short of saying  he is sure that  those who  killed the eleven could not have killed the alleged sixty-six.  Perhaps the later were  executed under a different  mandate.

It goes without saying that the death toll that is still being argued in the public domain is as a result of an irresponsible council chairman and self serving security  officers stationed in Kajuru. Surely this inaction has been created for the convenience of the state  governor to continue to give different figures at different occasions.

The field trip showed nothing and as conscious civil society we must not let this go. There is a need for investigations into these opening sequence of mass killings as elections commence in Kaduna. You will recall just recently we wrote  a letter of protest through, the Network of Civil Societies for Credible Elections, to foriegn embassies notably the British High Commissioner, the United States Ambassador raising concerns for the lives of citizens under the regime of the megalomaniac. We stated then that el-Rufai’s threat to return observers in body bags should not be taken considered empty. He carries out his threats. Rumour  has it that several public servants, senior citizens, community leaders have come under such secret threats by the governor.

It will be a disservice if I fail to mention the displeasure of the people with the media who have blinded their eyes from their true responsibility to society. The connivance with media to let loose terror in Kaduna can never be ignored.

On behalf of the entire people of Kaduna I wish to state in clear terms to Governor Nasir el-Rufai, Cafra Caino, Uba Sani and all the other associates and co-conspirators that Kaduna citizens desire to decide the leadership of this nation peacefully come Saturday 23, February 2019. Kaduna will not burn for anybody’s ambition and there will be no sacrificial lambs for anyone in this election.

While we consider the loss of lives as unfortunate, we urge communities to find solace in that will prevail in due time. We call on the National Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Defenders, the International Community, the International Criminal Court at Hague,  to keep a watch on Kaduna where crimes of genocides are being concealed.

Again we make a clarion call to all citizens not to be intimidated, or afraid as they exercise the civic duty come Saturday 23, February, 2019. Ensure you vote, to make Kaduna safer for all.

God bless you. God bless Kaduna. God bless Nigeria.

Thank you.



KADUNA: Kajuru killings and perceived conspiracies – Rights Group


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