KADUNA: House of Reps Summons Agency Over Earth Tremor In Jaba

House of Reps summons Agency, Earth tremor recorded in Kwoi

KADUNA: House of Reps Summons Agency Over Earth Tremor In Jaba.

The National Geological Survey Agency has been summoned by the House of Representatives to give a report on the level of the earth tremor that took place just recently at Jaba Local Government Area in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Standing for the motion was Honorable Sunday Marshal, who was expressing his concerns on the damage of properties on the 11th and 12th of September and there is like to be another incident of the tremor.

The Federal Ministry of Environment has been ordered by the House to access the level of destruction that was made and also cover all the areas that were damaged.

The lawmakers also asked for a serious investigation to be made so as to know the causes of the tremor so that future re-occurrence can be prevented.

A resident in the community made it known via a telephone conversation that the vibration which came from underground shook houses to its foundation heavily in the affected communities.

He also said that most people living in the community have left their homes for the fear of being trapped unawares by an future occurrence of the earth tremor.

The government of Kaduna State made an appeal to the community to remain calm.


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