Kaduna Children’s Day – Omonemini ChildCare Foundation

Kaduna Children's Day - Omonemini ChildCare Foundation

Kaduna Children’s Day – Omonemini ChildCare Foundation.

The event which was organized by the Omonemini Child Care Foundation is targeted to support young children who are orphans and also the Children who are less privileged.

The event which is tagged: “Caring for the Children” was held at the Adonai Orphanage and Widows Centre, located at Barnawa Kaduna South, Beside Danbo International School, Kaduna State, on 27th May 2016 (Children’s Day).

In attendance were lots of children, family and friends, alongside well-wishers.
Programmes for the event includes:
*Face Painting
*Medical Checkup for all the Children
*Riddles and Jokes
*Picture Session
*Dancing Competition

The Founder Miss Blessing Ototobor in her speech: “One may ask, why the bother?  Well, we took the pains because every child is a different kind of flower and altogether make the world a beautiful garden. You will agree with me that the best gardens are those that are well tended.

The attention we pay to children impacts greatly on their entire development and sets the foundation for other stages of life. In the words of Dr. Haim Ginott, “children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.” It is our passion and joy at Omonemini Childcare Foundation to give every child that we encounter the best childhood experiences as much as possible.

My name is Blessing Ototobor. I love children; I can’t imagine life without them. For me, planning the future without children in the picture is like planning to farm without seeds or the vegetative part required for reproduction. Children are the light that brightens the world. A little smile from them can literally lighten the day. My greatest joy in life is to see children happy at all times.

Growing up, I realized that loving children is the most natural thing that comes to me.  Therefore in 2005 I conceived the vision to establish the Omonemini Childcare Foundation. Thankfully this year the Foundation has become official and functional. Omonemini’s commitment is to support children’s education, outreach to other orphanage homes and provide for the essential needs for children.

Our mission is to ensure that underprivileged children receive total love, care and support to nurture them to develop independence and responsible character for their future. We are confident that once as responsible adults, these children, who otherwise would have wasted away, will contribute to national development as well as become good global citizens to make Nigeria proud.

We are sure that you will all join us to care for our children.”

The Foundation have lots of similar programmes coming up to touch the lives of so many children as possible.

“Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world… For nothing is worth more than this day.”


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