I’ve proven how fit I am to carry on – Buhari

I've proven how fit I am to carry on - Buhari

I’ve proven how fit I am to carry on – Buhari

The nation’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday stated that he has shown the world how fit he is to carry out the job for another four years.

He stated this during a meeting of the Federal Executive Council, where ministers congratulated him on his success at the just concluded 2019 polls.

The president whose state of health has been doubted after he continuously travelled for medical treatment in the United Kingdom in the early days of resuming his office in 2015, said his visits to the states for campaign showed how fit he is.

He stated: “During my campaigns, I did my best to visit the entire states of the federation including Abuja, to show the opponent how fit I am to carry on. I did my best to sometimes visit two state in a day, and not to make anybody feel that any state had been left out.

“So I give thnks to the Almighty for giving me strength and good health to carry out my plan and I think it is appreciated.”

President Buhari, who defeated Atiku Abubakar of the PDP to win a second term in office, made it clear that his second term in office will be tough because Nigerians appear to be “forgetful”.

I think my last four years in office will be a tough one because people are being forgetful. That is why anywhere I visited, I do my best to remind them of our party campaign promises, most especially security, as I kept on saying that you have to secure the country well. If the nation is not well protected, you can not achieve anything no matter how many programmes you put in place,” he stated.



I’ve proven how fit I am to carry on – Buhari



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