Is Gov El-Rufai Serious about Kaduna-Abuja Highway?

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Is Gov El-Rufai Serious about Kaduna-Abuja Highway?

Last week, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, asked people to ignore the stand of the federal lawmakers over the Kaduna-Abuja highway, stating that the road is now safe and went on to okay it for everyone, who intends to ply the road.

Sadly, this not only about what the governor thinks but the real danger as far as the road is concerned.

The Kaduna-Abuja Highway has been so notorious for some time now is not in debate; as it is right now, things about the road have escalated, because those entrusted with the security of life and property are not doing enough.

It is very important for the governor to be aware that this issue is not one that he can easily talk his way through. The current state of the road has become so worse the day men of the underworld made it their abode and government didn’t see a need to live up to its billing.

It is therefore difficult to trust el-Rufai, who is good at talking himself through difficulties, on this. Reality is the answer to the menace that the road currently constitutes.

SOURCE: This Day Live

Is Gov El-Rufai Serious about Kaduna-Abuja Highway?


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