The Implications of Saraki’S Defection To The PDP By Mike .


Many political pundits and politicians do understand the real cost of the Senate President’s defection from the ruling to the main opposition party .That was the reason why the Chairman of the ruling party the APC , Adams Oshiomole and the President Muhammadu Buhari who happens to come from the APC as well ,did the best they can to prevail on Bukola Saraki not to leave the APC.

There were insinuations that Saraki was offered a return ticket to the Senate , the Senate Presidency come 2019 and oil blocks but he was actually fed with the APC  .The rest is now history .

However let’s examine briefly what Saraki’s movement to the PDP portends .

Senator Olubukola Saraki  is bringing  onboard 3 Senators (himself inclusive ) ,6 Federal legislators from the Lower House to the PDP all snatched the APC. All these are at the Federal level

At the state level, the state governor Abdulfatah Ahmad , 16 Local Government Chairmen/chairwomen councils and over 100 councillors  will follow him .Furthermore , all the state legislators – Kwara State House Of Assembly members would follow him to the PDP .In essence , all the APC structure would have collapsed into the the PDP meaning that the APC in Kwara is also dead , the PDP which used to be in the opposition is now the ruling party in Kwara State .

Once again ,according to Thisday ,the movement of Senate President Bukola Saraki has altered the power configuration in the upper legislative chamber, increasing the opposition Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) number from 54 it was at the first gale of defections last week to 55 (using Senate record).
With the ruling All Progressives Congress’ (APC) membership declining from 51 to 50, (with Saraki’s defection) the PDP has become the majority party in the Senate .

Moreover ,  Senator Saraki as the Senate President sits atop billions of naira  meant for seecurity votes ,constituency projects and for running of the Hallowed Chamber .The implication is that the PDP,hitherto, starved of funds would now have some relief .Furthermore , Saraki’s defection would leave room for more Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to defect a move that would like causes a serious set for President Buhari’s reelection bid in the next few months

Finally , Saraki has expanded his political structure beyond the North Central to the North West , North East and he is now consolidating .

We are looking at the next King maker , the man that would or may send Buhari to retirement by 2019.




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