Igbo and Hausa cant get same treatment, they are unequal – El-Rufai

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Igbo and Hausa cant get same treatment, they are unequal – El-Rufai

Following the agitations by the leaders of the South East for the creating of another state in the zone, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, who’s the Kaduna State governor and chairman of ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Committee on True Federalism, has made some declarations that it won’t be justifiable to demand for  “equal unequals”. According to him, even in population and resources, the regions  of the country are not uniformly endowed. Nasir el-Rufai He, however, said though the representatives of the agitators were few in number, “the majority must always come out victorious.”

While stating this at a town hall meeting which was organized by his committee to get inputs from youths, the state governor made it known that when people speak about restructuring, most proponents think of their zones while no one thinks of the country. He stated:  “One of the greatest injustice is trying to make equals unequal and unequals equal; things are not done like that. What do I mean by that? There are those who have said that Nigeria and United States are the same. “It is just like saying everyone who is six feet, five can play basket ball.

We are all humans but you cannot say we are all equal, you cannot say we should create nine states in each zone, Nigeria is not an equal nation, so as the population and the resources that are available, you can never do that.  “The representatives of the agitators are few in number and so the majority must always win. The president of the country exists, the Senate exists and there are 36 states of the federation.

‘’We the old ones are still here, some of us are good, some are bad, like the youths but you must learn to live with us because we are still here. “Now, some people say because we have oil, let us have resource control.   We must think of what is in the overall interest of Nigeria.

“By what I am trying to get at is that, what goes well with a certain part of the country might on the other hand not work for the other part. we must seek for what is of common good, not the one that serves one interest group.

Igbo and Hausa cant get same treatment, they are unequal – El-Rufai



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