IG has told Rivers Police Commissioner to murder me – WIKE

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IG has told Rivers Police Commissioner to murder me – WIKE

Nyesome Wike, who’s the Executive Governor of Rivers state, has alleged that the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Idris Ibrahim, has given the new Commissioner of Police posted to Rivers State a mandate to kill him.

Governor Wike made this known while answering questions from some reporters yesterday.

Asked if he was aware that Rivers State has a new Police Commissioner, Wike said, “Yes, and he told me he is going to do a professional work and I told him, ‘You, a professional work?’ You can’t be independent and can’t do a professional work.

“The inspector general of police has given him instructions on what to do. The inspector general has told him he must cage the Rivers State governor.

“He shouldn’t come and tell me he wants to do any professional work. Who is he to say that?

Wike said the new commissioner cannot have his own mind, adding that people are posted based on their loyalty not competence.

He added, “Which mind? Before he was posted here, he was told what to do. They don’t post people based on competence but loyalty; someone who will do their bidding.

“Have you realized that our state is the only state that has got nine different commissioners of police in just two years?

“When he was going to be sent, there were about three of them that were called, and interviewed. They said they were going to kill me.

“They took this one who said he would be diplomatic about it. We know.

“This police commissioner has an agenda; I can’t be deceived. I’m not saying he should go; let him stay. He has been given an assignment to kill me. No problem. No man dies two times.

“This inspector general of police said so.”

Asked how inspector General of Police could send someone to kill a governor, Wike insisted that the IG said so.

“Yes, I’m telling you. The inspector general of police, who removed my security details without letting me know until when I was going out and realised that I had no security personnel. What is the implication of that?

“When a supposed chief security officer of a state wakes up in the morning and realises that he has no security personnel attached to him, what do you expect? What’s the implication? Danger!”


IG has told Rivers Police Commissioner to murder me – WIKE


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