I dont have a grudge against Christians in Kaduna – El-Rufai

I dont have a grudge against Christians in Kaduna - El-Rufai

I dont have a grudge against Christians in Kaduna – El-Rufai

On Saturday, the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, stated clearly that he has nothing against the Christians in Kaduna State.

He made it known that his decision to go for a Muslim running mate was influenced by religion nor ethnicity as it is been speculated.

The governor stated this during a Town Hall meeting with a group of Pastors under the umbrella of ‘Pastors United For Change Association’ held in the state.

Hadiza Balarabe from Sanga local government area of Southern Kaduna, who was chosen as the running mate generated mixed reactions most especially among Christians across the state.

The stated on different occasions that his choice of a Muslim Muslim ticket was not influenced by religion but on the fact of her capacity to deliver.

According to El-Rufai, all those working around him are based on competency for positive results not minding their tribe or religion.

He urged all residents of the state to come together for the progress of the state which urging the pastors to access his records of selfless service to the people.

One of my target is to end the religious, ethnic division and unite the people of the state, he stated.



I dont have a grudge against Christians in Kaduna – El-Rufai

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  • Abdullahee Sambo Giwa

    Go and unit your family first before uniting the state

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