Help, There are Over 2000 IDPs in Southern Kaduna, Cleric tells Govt

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Help, There are Over 2000 IDPs in Southern Kaduna, Cleric tells Govt

Mr. Gideon Mutum, who is a pastor with the Governors Assembly and the coordinator of Nehemiah Camp, has voiced out to the government to help give their support to help accommodate the influx of IDPs in Southern Kaduna.

The call was made at the Model Primary School located at Takau, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State, immediately he noticed the growing numbers of IDP’s, which has immensely risen with 1000 new persons, making the total number of persons 2,234 in the camp.

He made it known that, “The camp started existing over 90 days ago during the unending attacks that has been ongoing in Southern Kaduna.

He said, “I saw three ladies coming down from a car and were half naked, they were in the bathroom when the Fulani Herdsmen launched an attack.”

“The camp began with only 40 people. I told my wife that I want to help those persons who have been affected by the attacks and she gave me all the support I needed and we we got more than 1,233 IDPs,”

“We have some other camps with Nehemiah Camp in partnership to make sure that we provide assistance to the people we call our own.

“I was surprised to see the troop in of many IDP’s in my camp when we were distributing relief materials and there is every need for the government to give their support,” he stated.

“”The Church has so far helped them in so many ways. We provide them three square meals a day alongside with free healthcare services.

“High cases of malaria have so far been recorded and not less than 800 children are exposed to different kinds of diseases,” Mutum stated.

He advised the government to take back the heavy security that was stationed in Kafanchan to those vulnerable communities that have been taken over by the Fulanis.

While responding to the Council of Ulamas press conference that was held in Kaduna, which called for the immediate arrest of President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Dr Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, Senator representing Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone, Danjuma La’ah and several others for their alleged inciting statements on alleged armed Fulani herders attacks in Southern Kaduna, he said: “You can’t teach me how to talk when I am mourning my brothers who are killed in an evil way. Southern Kaduna people have never attacked anybody, check our history.

“I expect them to find their way to southern Kaduna and look for ways to sympathize with those people affected and finding a lasting solution, but so far we have not seen anything like that from them,” he added.



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