FUEL SCARCITY: DPR Closes Five Fuel Stations in Kaduna, Enforces N86 Per Ltr

DPR - Fuel Scarcity

FUEL SCARCITY: DPR Closes Five Fuel Stations in Kaduna, Enforces N86 Per Ltr

The Department of Petroleum Resources popularly known as DPR has closed down not less than five petrol stations in Kaduna State.

The main reason for the closure of the filing stations was due to withholding and selling of petrol above the normal and official pump price, which is N86.50K Per litre.

After the several complains from so many motorists, the DPR stormed the petrol stations unawares on Monday 4th April. The complains were that most fuel stations sell their product for as high as N180 to N200 per litre.

In some other places that were visited by the agency, the stations were forced to go back to the normal approved pump price issued by the Federal government.

Musa Tambawal, who is the Assistant Controller of DPR, Kaduna Zone, led the operation and made it very clear that they’ve commenced daily inspection of petrol stations across the entire state, so as to make sure that they sell at the normal pump price.

The official of DPR also made an announcement that the delivery of trucks loaded with petrol into Kaduna Daily has been increased from 10 trucks to 20 trucks each day, hoping that the long queues experienced by citizens will disappear soon.

The fuel scarcity is affecting so many socio-economic activities in Kaduna State.

So many residents have complained about the high cost of transportation each day as a result of the fuel scarcity.

They have urged DPR and other agencies dealing with Oil and gas to strengthen their surveillance on the sales of petrol products in Kaduna State.

It has also been a good season for the black marketers, who has taken over the streets and sell the products for a high and unimaginable prices.

It was also discovered that four litres gallon of petrol now sells for not less than N1,200. We have no choice but to buy from them, residents said.


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