Fayose Upholds Anti-Grazing Law, Restricts Herdsmen

Fayose Upholds Anti-Grazing Law, Restricts Herdsmen

Fayose Upholds Anti-Grazing Law, Restricts Herdsmen.

Ayodele Fayose, the executive governor of Ekiti State, has defended his opinion to sign a law that will stand against the grazing of cattle openly in the state.

The governor was on air in a Television programme, in which he has already induct a task force to make sure that the law is respected, further stating that he has a duty to make sure that lives and property of his people must be protected.

He also said that the entire people of the state and outside the state are solidly in support of the bill as they came out in thousands to show their support for the government on the exact moment the bill was passed.

Governor Fayose said it is a shameful thing to see herdsmen rearing cows on the streets in cities, which includes the FCT, Abuja.

He also said that he remembered while he was growing up, herdsmen were known to be in possession of sticks in which they use to control their cattle, therefore, if they are being armed, it should be checked as soon as possible.”

“When you begin to trample on the harmless people that gave you space to carry out your business, you feed on your hard earned farmlands and crops, and you harass them all the time because you are in possession of  weapons.

“Who is behind all these? Where are they getting these AK47 rifles?

I was elected governor, and I have every right to protect my people. Nigeria is a federation, and every leader must take steps to protect people’s lives and property from those who wants to take it.

“It will surely not work, when you decide to hide under the disguise of cattle rearing, and you sleep with peoples daughters, and take their wives because they know you can come at anytime to harass them at night, it won’t work.”




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