Developing : No Scholarship , No Vote For El Rufai, Students


Kaduna state indigenes schooling in various higher institutions across the country has staged a one day protest to the premises of the Nigeria Union of Journalists Waff Road  (NUJ) ,Kaduna Council demanding the payment of their bursary as schools have resumed hence the need to pay their scholarship to enable them pay their school fees

Speaking to journalists ,the leaders of the group , Comrade Jeremiah Tisan Gwaza said that the state government has already approved the payment of all scholarship bursaries to students following the press conference by the secretary general of National Association of Kaduna State Students ( NAKASS ) on October 11 2018. However , nothing has happened since them .

Gwaza therefore appealed to Governor Nasir El Rufai to come to the aid of the students and ensure that the students get paid .

Comrade Suraj Sanusi Abubakar one of the leaders of the group,  told pressmen that the  protest is not under the banner NAkASS since student union body has been politicized .He further added that they are representing all students of Kaduna State irrespective of any group .

Comrade Suraj further  asserted  that if the Government do not meet their demands before Friday 1,February 2019 , the students would embark massive protest across the state.

“if by Friday , we don’t see or hear a thing , we wil mobilize students from  the states in the federation then converge in Kaduna ,no scholarship , no vote for Nasir El Rufai “. Suraj added.

The students reiterated that they were not sponsored by any political party but that their actions was motivated by  four years of  inability of the State  Government to pay scholarship to the students .




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