Confusion in Kaduna as Woman Gives Birth to Evil Child in Makera-kakuri Kaduna South


Confusion in Kaduna as Woman Gives Birth to an Evil Child in Makera-kakuri Kaduna South

Pandemonium broke out in Makera village in Kaduna state yesterday after a woman was delivered of a child who grew up at that instant and killed his mother.

An eye witness identified as ‘kaka’ in hausa, meaning ground mother said she was with the woman at her point of delivery when the event occurred. That the whole thing was surprising to her as she in her entire life as midwifery had never seen anything like that before. As she said, “First the child came out in an abnormal way through the legs and as soon as his head was out, he opened his eyes which sent chill down my spine. And out of fear, I laid him beside his mother and step way before the most shocking scenario; as the child I just laid started increasing in size, growing taller to about 5 feet or there about with blood in his eyes. He turned to face his mother and then walked away through the walls”.

Another eye witness from among the people gathered said that, he and his colleagues were on their way to farm when they heard a man in his forties crying and also calling for help in hausa interpreted as, “please people of the world, come and help me for my eyes has seen the back of my head; the devil has entered my house, killed my unborn child and my wife”. And by the time they went to the scene, the saw a lifeless body of a woman sucked out of air.

 When we meet the deceased husband, he refused to speak about what happened. But information from a source revealed that the deceased woman and her husband were in desperate need of a male child after having five daughters and so went to seek help from a medicine man and that was what resulted to this tragedy and the devil’s child where about is still unknown.



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