BIAFRA: Those Sponsoring Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB revealed

379 Those Sponsoring Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB revealed

BIAFRA: Those Sponsoring Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB revealed

Hon. Charles Idahosa, a former special adviser to ex-Governor Adams Oshiomhole, has stated that Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, was being funded by topshots of former ruling party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

He said Nigerians had been informed earlier that disgruntled prominent Nigerians in the opposition will make the administration of President Buhari difficult through distractions.

“The truth of the matter is that Nigeria is like a theatre of the absurd. I said a few months ago that corruption will fight back. And what are you are seeing today, Is corruption not fighting back?

“All the agitations here and there are being stage managed to distract the APC federal government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, from getting to where it wants Nigeria to be.

“The campaign programme of the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari was to clear the mess left behind by the former administration. Of course, the money stolen during the PDP administration and now in the hands of individuals is so much that you do not expect government to just fold its arms.

“The corruption that is fighting back is coming in different forms and all kinds of devices. All those campaigning for secession in the name of IPoB, where were they since? These are political gimmicks designed to derail the APC led government ahead of the 2019 presidential election.

“Unfortunately, we live in a country of very many unserious people. This thing could have been tackled in a way that nobody would have known that such a thing happened. We made Nnamdi Kanu important. A 36-year-old who never saw the civil war.

“I witnessed the civil war and I know what war is. In war, a mother will deny her child; a father will run in a direction while the children run in another. So, when Kanu and his cohorts started talking because people were sponsoring them, it made me feel sad”, he told Vanguard.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel, the brother of Nnamdi Kanu, has revealed IPOB’s next line of action.

BIAFRA: Those Sponsoring Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB revealed


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