ASUU to Begin Warning Strike on Wednesday

ASUU to Begin Warning Strike on Wednesday

ASUU to Begin Warning Strike on Wednesday

The Academic Staff Union of UniversitieS (ASUU), has made it known that they will be going on a one week strike due to the failure of he Federal Government to implement the agreement of 2009 and also the MoU of 2013.

Biodun Ogunyemi, who i sthe ASUU National President, stated on Monday at the University of Abuja during a press conference which was organized by the union.

Mr Ogunyemi stated that a nationwide consultation has been made with made members, the National Executive Council, NEC, of ASUU agreed to go on a one week warning strike from Wednesday the 16th of November.

“Many aspects of the 2009 agreement and also the 2013 Mou that was made with the Federal Government have not been implemented or has been neglected.

The agreements includes: The Payments of staff entitlements since December 2015, funding of universities for revitalisation, pension, TSA and university autonomy and renegotiation of 2009 Agreement.

“The failure of the Federal government in taking full responsibility of this agreement has put ASUU in some level of difficulty, and also responding to some inquiries and pressure from members of the union about the current state of the agreement,” he said.

The President of ASUU made it clear that while the warning strike is on-going, there will be no teaching, examination nor any attendance at statutory meetings in all branches.

He made a call to all Nigerians who knows the value of education to stand with them so that the Federal government will address the demands of ASUU until the system of the Nigerian Universities are properly re-positioned.

“After the 2016 Annual Budget was released, our union was seriously wondering why the allocation set aside for education went down from 11% in 2015 to 8% in 2016.

“With the current introduction of the Treasury Single Account, the Federal Universities are finding it really difficult to carry out their core responsibilities of teaching, community services and research.



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