AMAZING: First West Africa plastic bottle house found in Kaduna

386 First West Africa plastic bottle house found in Kaduna

AMAZING: First West Africa plastic bottle house found in Kaduna

First West Africa plastic bottle house found in Kaduna, North-west Nigeria,that keep attracting Nigerians /African, As millions of plastic now re-cycle into house Building.

According to the CEO Engr. Yahaya Ahmed  of “Developmental Association for Renewable Energy in Nigeria” which is from a Kaduna-based non-governmental organization on Climate change and environment ,said the plastic Bottled house can last for more than 200 year if constructed properly and carefully,and can stand the challenge of fireproof, bulletproof, and earthquake resistant and adapt to all kind of  climate change and desertification.


Speaking with the press shorty after a tour to the center at Yelwa village on zaria –kaduna way ,Engr yahaya Ahmed  said,the plastic bottle house can be constructed anywhere, even on water if a good and adequate foundation is prepared beforehand and it can last more than 200 years on earth irrespective of the circumstances that may occur ,and is 20 times stronger than brick walls, Bomb proof.


Yahaya pointed out clearly that ,constructing such beautiful home duly consume time and technical guide,and that The bottles, even though filled with sand, are waterproof if securely capped but  Undertaking such task however need some elementary preparations, namely, getting enough bottles and finding good or trained manpower to fill the bottles, not anyhow, but as it should be and that it duly need the Guidance of professional from the Centre.


Such house is constructed by thousands of recycled plastic bottles which are filled with sand, cement, and mud and indeed These components form a highly formidable wall which is 20 times stronger than brick walls, fireproof, bulletproof, and earthquake resistant.”This is the first of its kind in Nigeria,though we trained many students and youths who are actually displaying the talent of what they learnt at the centre to other places in Northern Nigeria,and we are proud to be happy in what they are doing,as all these contribute in reducing the large numbers of waste plastic that were always drop into Dustbin


“Indeed Recycling of waste plastics is one of the best technologies to avoid environmental air pollution from burning the plastics,but As the human population continues to increase, the quantity of solid wastes generation also increases,and that is the Government need solution and we have all the answereds to the challenges”.


Yahaya added that “DARE” has  trains many young people of Kaduna on various ways of constructing plastic bottled house and how to be self –employed through out the period of teaching youth at the centre, and also train youth how to assemble the solar cooker and other stoves in order for them to become future entrepreneurs.


The organisation is training local masons in the bottle building technique ,so as to  enabled them acquired more skills in house construction and to be able to among the best in the next generation houses Engineer  through all lesson learnt during the training.


Yahaya said “DARE” has all the solution to all the climate and environmental problems that is disturbing our communities in the northern cities of the country ,and we are at any time ready to joined with Government and any devoted serious committed organization in partnership,in other to support government in bring news ways of re-cyling waste product  to human need”.


Yahaya inconclusion said we must join hand in tackling all the challenges disturbing our environmental ,and we must support Givernment at all cost in bringing an end to deforestation and pollution ,so as to save our country from climate changes.


AMAZING: First West Africa plastic bottle house found in Kaduna


  1. Yes is True because i have witness the building even right now am on way to the place but so sad No body promote the building right now if you went to the place noting going on the boys that learned from the white man are now doing nothing so sad the have learned but the were abandon. So sad.

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