Alopecia – The Heroic Story of Jasmine



Tolulope Jasmine Oguns is the Founder of Heroic Alopecian Foundation.
She is a victim of Alopecia, a disease that triggers one’s immune system to attack the body resulting in partial or total loss of hair in all parts of the body.Alopecia does not have a cure for now and is relatively unknown in Nigeria in Nigeria despite that fact that over 100, 000 Nigerians are afflicted with it .

Jasmine, a resident of Kaduna Northwest Nigeria, said she started experiencing hair loss some 13 years ago and since then virtually all the hairs on all parts of her body have fallen off.

In Africa, it would amount to a near taboo to see a young woman whose scalp is devoid of hair.
She has undergone several treatments to have her hair regenerate but to no avail.
She has also lost good friends and relations due to the social stigma attached to being an alopecia patient.
At some point , Jasmine attempted to kill herself but she survived.
Today, a graduate and an employer of labour cum mentor, the young woman has a Foundation that raises awareness about the disease called Alopecia.




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