ALARMING: 66% of Children Suffers From Malnutrition in Jos

Starving-Child-Africa - Children Suffering from Malnutrition in JOS

ALARMING: 66% of Children Suffers From Malnutrition in Jos.

Moses Yusuf, who is the Plateau Nutrition Officer, made it known on Saturday that 66% of children in the state are suffering from malnutrition.

Mr Yusuf made this known during a mid-year review meeting of the United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF) held in Jos.

He also gave an explanation that the given figure was gotten after a survey of Standardized Monitoring of Relief and Transition (SMART), which was carried out by the Fedral Government in the year 2015.

Mr Yusuf described the case and figure as very alarming, this shows that five out of ten children in the state are malnourished.

According to the report given by the Standardized Monitoring of Relief and Transition (SMART), not less than 66% of the kids in Jos are suffering from Malnutrition.

“The reports also proves that a total of 43.7% are suffering from Stunting, 18.1% are underweight, and the remaining 4.6% are wasting,” he stated.

“When the reports of 2014 and 2015 SMART Survey are being compared, it clearly shows that the situation in Plateau is getting worse.

Mr Yusuf clearly explained that with the level of stunting recorded in the state, the children are very open to diseases like kidney, skin, eye and other endemic diseases, which are known to be very expensive to treat or take care of.

Mothers and parents in state are challenged to take seriously the nutrition of their children/wards.



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