Aisha Alhassan Dumps APC for UDP .


Minister  for Women Affairs ,Alisha Alhassan popularly known as Mama Taraba ,has resigned her membership of the APC and  quit her post as a minister in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) ,earlier in the week refused to endorse Mama Taraba as a governorship aspirant in Taraba , s decision which prompted her to quit the party and her position .

It would be recalled the former minister publicly declared her loyalty to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), stalwart  Atiku Abubakar  last year .She also reiterated her willing to support Atiku’s Presidential ambition over President Buhari should the latter decides to contest .However ,Mama Taraba later recanted and declared her support for President Buhari after she had a meeting with the President .

Despite pledging her loyalty to President Buhari  , the APC hierarchy decided that Mama Taraba  couldn’t be trusted hence the refusal to clear her for the APC primaries.

In new twist this evening,  Alhassan tweeted that she has moved to the United Democratic Party (UDP)   with  7 state Assembly Members, all APC executives from 169 wards of Taraba State in the 16 local Government Areas of the state


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