AGAIN: Bird Flu Strikes Kano State

AGAIN: Bird Flu Strikes Kano State

AGAIN: Bird Flu Strikes Kano State

The Government of Kano State has publicly made an announcement of the re-coming of bird flu in the state.

The announcement was made by Dr Shehu Bawa, who is the director of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, in Kano state.

According to Dr Bawa, the outbreak of the flu was discovered in one of the poultry farms located in the state, stating that the affected birds in the farm have been sort out while they are planning on a strong measure to avoid further spread of the disease.

He state, “The government of the state has taken serious steps to help control the further spread of the disease to other poultry farms in the state.

“I will like to use this medium and opportunity to urge farmers to quickly report any outbreak of the disease to help the government take quick actions.”



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