Kaduna Residents Remains In Doors Due To Polls


Kaduna Residents Remains In Doors Due To Polls

Commercial and business activities in Kaduna metropolis and environs have gradually slowed down due to the ongoing announcement of results of last Saturday’s presidential and legislative elections.

Many Christian faithfuls decided not to attend worship service last Sunday preferring to worship God in the safety of their home.While the few that went to church had to come back early as services were shorter than usual.

In the same vein, traffic from the Northern part of Kaduna to the South and vice versa was at its lowest ebb as many workers, business men and women choose to remain at home and observe how the two Presidential candidates would react to the result of the elections.

Vehicular movements, commercial ctivities and other forms of human activities at the following: Ahmadu Bello Way, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Yakubu Gowon way, Makarfi Plaza were not a brisk as they used to be before the elections .

Even most schools have refused to reopen till the end the of the whole exercise.

According to Mr.Abraham Abu of Poly Quarters in Romi, “if the whole Presidential election process do not end, I will not allow my family to move out an inch”.

Speaking in the same vein , Ali Abubakar, a kolanut seller and a resident of Abakpa in the Northern part of the city, says he prefers to stay indoors and come out after the conclusion of the poll.

While many residents are afraid that there maybe a repetition of the 2011 post election violence, events currently playing out have turned to be difference as the state  remains calm and peaceful



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