Inspector General of Police caught in Sex-Promotion Scandal

3594 General of Police caught in Sex-Promotion Scandal

Inspector General of Police caught in Sex-Promotion Scandal

Not up to two weeks after Isah Hamma Misau, who’s the senator representing Bauchi Central at the National Assembly of the All Progressives Congress (APC), brought up some issues regarding the mind boggling cash for promotion deals by the Inspector-General of Police Ibrahim Idris.

IGP Idris has reportedly been caught in a sex affair involving one police Corporal Amina, who was curiously promoted to the rank of ASP within a period of 12 months by the IGP.

Some sources made a confirmation that she is one of the many concubines of the Inspector General.

There has been several stories making rounds of how she visits the office of the IGP during official hours without putting on her uniform, and also take photos with the IGP in his office.

The last known picture was taken on 15th September 2017.

Our source also confirmed that she wields more powers than most of her superior officers.

Our source went on to claim that there has been a secret wedding between both parties some place in Kaduna on the 15th of September, 2017.

Asta, according to him, is carrying a 4 month old pregnancy for him as a result of out of wedlock illicit sexual affair.

Inspector General of Police caught in Sex-Promotion Scandal

Idris reportedly gave her rapid promotions, and rented a flat for her in Maitama, a high-brow area of Abuja, where he spends time with her.

Meanwhile, the randy IGP is married to the daughter of Etsu Nupe.

The case of cash for promotion deals alleged by Senator Misau involved the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Mr Garba, who was an ACP last year and was promoted to ComPol within a year.

Mr Ali Janga was also an ACP last year and was promoted to the rank of DCP in less than 12 months and few weeks ago was posted to replace Kogi State ComPol.

Mr Muawiya was DSP last year, now promoted SP the same year and CSP this 3 months ago, he is now CSO Govt house Kano.

Mr Kolo of Federal SARS, was promoted to the rank of CSP just last year and now ACP. Our source expressed surprise that his name was among those sent to Police Service Commission for elevation to DCP.

These, according to the source are just few facts of the ongoing mess in the Police Force.

Recall that the Nigerian Police, under IGP Idris’ command engaged Senator Misau in mudslinging when the senator alerted of 2 N120 billion cash for promotion scam being perpetrated by the IGP.

Instead of addressing the allegation, the Police boss fabricated a false allegation that the Senator, previously a police officer, absconded from the force without due process.

IGP Idris’ boys claimed he did not retire with due process and that the documents of his retirement were fake, under a false identity.

The Police Service Commission [PSC], under Sir Mike Okiro, has since declared the allegations as false but are yet to take any action against Idris.

In the words of our correspondent, “IGP Ibrahim Idris and Mike Okiro, Chairman Police Service Commission must be shown the way out of the police, and the time to act is now!”


Inspector General of Police caught in Sex-Promotion Scandal


  1. I hate d way some of my Nigerian brothers reason,make sure u understand wat was said b4 u drop it comments.wat is been said is d cheating occurring in d system. A cpl getting to ASP in just a year where there r others that have spent 5yrs nd more in d job but haven’t move an’s not abt his right to more than a wife.. Pls God, help my country..!


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